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Technology Transfer


What we do?

Today’s research and development enterprises occupy a crucial role in converting modern innovations into profitable business solutions. However, there are unique and arduous challenges involved in commercializing innovations, especially at the early stage of their discovery and development. At Kgip, we recognize the importance of identifying and protecting innovations at the earliest stage possible in order to help them reach their commercial potential and give our clients a competitive advantage. For decades, our technology transfer team has helped clients achieve exactly that by navigating the potential risks and complicated transactions that come with the development, licensing, acquiring, and selling of technology.

Our Clients

We work directly with companies that touch all areas of the innovation ecosystem including public and private research institutions, technology incubation facilities, capital investment, and deployment specialists, business development and management talent, as well as technology development companies ranging in size from virtual startups to large, public companies.

Our Services

• Commercialization and monetization of intellectual assets
• Inbound and outbound technology licenses
• Identifying and clarifying ownership between interested parties
• Joint development strategy and procedures
• Domestic and international privacy regulations
• IP protection
• Licensing software, hardware, and technology for transfer
• Outsourcing
• Patent prosecution
• Board and operational governance, policy development and implementation
• Procuring and protecting trade secrets
• Virtual management of technology transfer offices (TTO)